Experiencing conflict in the workplace?

You are not alone.






Interested in substantially reducing conflict in your organization?

Conflict Resolution is no longer a dirty word.

It’s a way to get your company back on track…making money, completing projects, and running as smoothly as you always imagined it could be.

According to recent Gallup research, conflict costs the US workplace over $360 BILLION dollars annually. Research shows that up to 63% of managers do not know how to effectively address conflict. 61% of all employees feel like their conflict needs are never addressed. And the best leave. What’s more…the average manager spends 25-40% of their time in managing conflict – WHEN – they have the tools to manage it. At a salary of just $40,000, the cost of that conflict for only ONE manager would be $9,000 per year. This does not include the cost of their employee and other co-workers affected. In fact, one unresolved conflict can cost your organization over $25,000 per year.

Conflict can steal your profit and your productivity.
But it doesn’t have to be that way…

America’s Leading Authority on Positive Conflict Resolution

Join us for a 3 day strategic work session designed to give management and leadership the dynamic tools necessary to take any situation from breakdown to breakthrough in 8 simple steps through The POSITIVE Approach

to Conflict Resolution.





Day Management and Leadership Practice

July 22 – 24th
8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m.

Got Conflict? Come – be the superhero for your organization

Intercontinental Hotel

444 Street Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA

We offer a complimentary dedicated Travel Specialist to handle all your arrangements.

Guaranteed special event room rates until July 8th
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It is a 3-day Learning – CEU’S and badges

Early bird rates of $1,497 until July 1st
$1,697 per participant after July 1st

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send 3 or more team members.

Day 1

Lays the foundational framework of The POSITIVE Approach™ through use of assessments and interaction.

Day 2

Introduces the techniques for success and guides individuals through the 8 simple steps to take any situation from breakdown to breakthrough.

Day 3

Gives participants the ability to practice the newly acquired skills, through role play using “courageous conversations” in individual and team settings, thereby increasing the ability to transfer the learning and model the way for others.