The Power of Positive Customer Service
OUCH!  How does it feel when you experience this?

“Your customer service rep couldn’t answer my simple question.” 

“Your customer service sucks.”

“I wasn’t even sure what questions to ask and your customer service rep was no help whatsoever.”

“I don’t want to be transferred 4 times!” 

Your customer service is the lifeblood of your organization. Consumers today are focused on the “buying experience”. Was the experience with your establishment positive or negative? We debunk the notion that good news travels slowly and bad news travels in a flash. We bring an art to customer service that has people singing your praises and spreading the positive news.

The POSITIVE Approach to Customer Service engages and enlightens your employees to:

  • Focus on making the customer’s experience a 100% positive experience
  • Make customer service a fact-finding game
  • Ask the right questions to deliver the right solutions
  • Be the expert at delivering consistent, quality driven service.


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