The Power of Positive Communication
“Why do I have to repeat myself over and over again?” 

“Why can’t these people understand what we need to have done?” 

“I can’t understand why they don’t get it.”

“This is getting ridiculous.”  
Sound familiar? Does miscommunication and misunderstanding leave you scratching your head?

The words one uses to give directions, ask questions, improve outlook and increase productivity can have a self-fulfilling action on whether people feel energized or doubtful. Managers and leaders interact with numerous personality types, within many levels of the organization and in varying circumstances. And an individual has their own default or preferred style of communicating. Learning to communicate with confidence begins with the practice of framing and re-framing so that those who communicate differently can understand your wants and meaning without repeated frustrations.

As humans, our brain responds favorably, and fear is inhibited when we hear positive words and phrases.

Which would you prefer to hear?

“I’m confident you can find a solution” …or…” This one will be tough to solve”.

“Help me to understand” …. or… “why did you do it this way?”

The POSITIVE Approach to Communication enables one to become aware of their default communication style and assists participants to achieve more productivity and engagement. Learn to effortlessly begin to incorporate communication that will energize and inspire the ability to positively influence others.


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