The Power of Positive Change

“We were doing great with the change and then, it just came to a screeching halt.” 

“Everyone agreed that change was needed and now, very few are following through.” 

“We’ve got these holdouts that keep everyone hesitant about the change.” 

“Wow, we didn’t see that hiccup coming in the change.”

The only constant in life, is change. 

Don’t let your organization be one of the statistics. According to Harvard Business Review and Gallup, over 70% of all change initiatives fail. But they don’t have to. Why do most of these initiatives fail? Lack of role clarity and focus and reducing the fear associated with change.

The POSITIVE APPROACH™ to change takes a dynamic view of the change initiative. It concentrates on where the focus of clarifying and anchoring change critically needs to occur – in the role of managing leaders. Working closely with appointed internal change agents, The Power of Positive Change takes the fear of change – the #1 inhibitor of successful change – out of the equation through carefully articulating the change plan from culture to customer.


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