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Melinda Stalling delivers solutions to the various challenges you have in your organization and work place. Review the below programs and select how your overall workplace can be improve, and then let Melinda know how she can serve you.


    Positive Conflict Resolution

    Nothing can disrupt the efficacy of an organization like overt or covert conflict can. Many hours of productivity are lost and the impact of non-resolved issues can have far reaching financial effects for the organization and the individual. Based upon her Best Seller, Positive Conflict Resolution, this program utilizes the 8 key principles to realize positive conflict resolution. This 2 day workshop is designed to explore a proven method and develop real life solutions ensuring a positive approach to overcoming conflict.

    Positive Change – Positive Transformation

    The only constant in life is change. The ability of an organization to transition, accept and even embrace change can make an incredible difference in whether an organization can successfully navigate and reach their objectives as set forth in the “change”. It is true that organizations do not change; the people within the organization must transform variables within the change parameters, namely, the work processes, viewpoints and ultimately themselves. This high powered workshop focuses on change through a behavioral transformation process starting with the individual.

    Positive Performance Enhancement

    Oftentimes a performance assessment is not used as the valuable tool it is. This comprehensive managerial course is designed to analyze your organization’s assessment document and ways in which this tool can be used in a proactive rather than reactive manner. Individuals will learn how to use the assessment tool to set goals and objectives and monitor them throughout the year. This manner of using the assessment enables the necessary open discussion between employee and manager and facilitates progression towards personal and organizational goals. No surprises for either party in the performance review; what a novel concept.

    Positively Safe Work Environments Anti-Bullying, Sexual Harassment & Vital Discrimination Policies

    There has been an uptrend in bullying and unfortunately it is surfacing in the business environment. What can organizations and individuals do to protect themselves against the effects of bullying in the workplace? What constitutes sexual harassment? What constitutes discrimination? What can organizations and individuals do to protect themselves from a discrimination or sexual harassment suit? This course satisfies the EEOC requirements for a comprehensive training on the issues of discrimination and sexual harassment. Review of the organization’s policy will be used in this session.

    Conducting Effective Meetings for Positive Outcomes

    Tired of attending the meeting on the meeting? Whether a participant or the individual responsible for conducting the meeting, this module will focus on methods of ensuring that business is properly attended to, plans of action are enabled, new ideas can be discussed and follow up on assignments during the meeting are complete. Time lost in unproductive meetings is one of the single biggest money drains for an organization. This course will allow an organization the ability to increase productivity through enabling time saving methodologies

    Positively Speaking – Effective Presentations and Public Speaking

    The ability to present oneself and the concepts of an issue depends in large part on the individual’s ability to communicate in a way that captures the attention of the audience. In so doing, they must be able to provide important information regarding the organizational concept or plan and positively influence the audience to that concept.. Whether presenting to a large or small group, many people have an inherent fear of public speaking. This class will teach the mechanics of a powerful presentation and allow the individual the opportunity to actually present to hone their skills.

    Positive Navigating of Complex Challenges

    Organizations are faced with a myriad of challenges. Some of these challenges are unexpected; others are complex issues that must be dealt with at various times in the business cycle. Regardless of whether it is unexpected or a regular challenge, each challenge will include variables that will require creative methods of navigating the complex challenge. The ability to breakdown the issue will be addressed through techniques such as mind-mapping, the fishbone, and collaborative cooperation. This session will address various techniques to use in order to view the “challenge” as an “opportunity”.

    Positively Balanced – Stress Management and Work/Family Balance

    This session addresses the ever increasing nemesis of “stress in the workplace”. Discussions will focus on the types of stressors that we encounter, both positive and negative and how they impact our performance at work and our quality of life at home. Participants will have the opportunity to assess how much stress is currently affecting their life. Techniques to manage stress will be an integral part of this session with actual methodologies taught to ease the burden of stress and improve the quality of life.


    Keynotes that come alive!  That is how Melinda’s keynotes have been described.  Far beyond the “I talk, you listen” format, Melinda actively engages her audience in thought provoking interactions and exercises.  There’s always an aha moment and great takeaway.  Charismatic, entertaining, engaging and thought provoking; you will look like the hero for bringing her to your organization.


    Conference breakout sessions enjoy the benefit of drilling down into the heart of the subject presented.  The best part is – there’s always a positive spin on the outcome.  Participants rave about how engaged they get to be in Melinda’s sessions.  Individual, paired and group activities make even the dullest topic come to life.  Everyone leaves with an “actionable item” to be incorporated into their life.  And, she challenges them to follow up with her to report their SUCCESS!


    A good coach understands a person’s “why”.  A great coach guides an individual to understand and capitalize on their own “why”.  Through personal and professional coaching, Melinda provides the guidance necessary for individuals and inherently all those around them, to take life to the next level – the next positive level.  Have a passion that is buried deep inside?  Know what you’d like to do, just are not quite sure how to do it?  Feeling like you’ve reached a plateau but know you want to go further?  Step into the engaging world of coaching with Melinda.  Live your “why”.


    All of the greats knew and know this secret – surround yourself with individuals with minds that will challenge you to rise above your current level of thinking.  Masterminds prove invaluable to individuals who are truly committed to taking their plans to the next level while enjoying the benefits of camaraderie and objective input.  Masterminds are a select group of individuals who meet in person and via phone calls/webinars on a regular basis.  Participants also have more access to Melinda.  Positively Powerful Masterminds will incite you to new levels of thinking, provide the resources and support to propel you forward and help you make discoveries of life changing magnitude in the process.

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