Powerful Board Retreats
“Here we go, another week away, it will be a great time, but nothing will change.” 

“We seem to change our focus every year, I wish we could gain some traction.” 

“Our plans are satisfying but it’s the aftermath – engagement and implementation of the identified parties that stymies our efforts.”

Consider it board advancement – not a bored retreat.

Need a vision? We’ll flip the switch, so you see it.

Need a strategy? It’s what we thrive on…purposeful, passionate and poised for success strategy.

Need an implementation process? Our team of experts send you back to the front with an actionable, trackable timeline that keeps everyone accountable and success oriented.


Your board is different from all others, so we don’t have a one size fits all retreat – nor should you ever accept that. Click here to directly calendar your appointment with one of our experts for specific details on how to experience a board advancement engagement that will make a positive difference.


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