How Can Melinda Stallings Help You?

Why should we choose Melinda Stallings International over all others?

Your organization is unique.  And so are we.

We develop each learning experience to your specifications to suit your stated needs. And we use pre and post measures to ensure that your idea of success has been met. We build a relationship with our participants – and use a foundational assessment with each one to help them get the highest and best value and use from our time together. We guarantee that if your participants have followed every aspect of our tailored program for you and you haven’t achieved positive results, we’ll make it right.

Oh, and we really like to have fun too.  And research has found that fun accelerates learning.


How do you select your organizational experts?

Our breadth and depth of knowledge on a myriad of needs is of paramount importance to your success. Our carefully vetted experts have diverse, unique life and business experiences which are nimbly applied to your audience and needs. Our executive coaches are recognized as professionals in their coaching field; two of which are certified mediators for human resources and other national and international needs. Each expert is versed in theory and practice of their disciplines.  All have contributed substantively to society through their work. We know that “one size fits all” does not work in astute business. We assess your needs and industry for the best practices fit when engaging an expert for your organization.


What is a typical seminar like?

Blasphemy! There is no such thing as a “typical” seminar. To be sure, there is the transfer of necessary thought leading instruction through principles and techniques by our experts. Beyond that, we espouse the discovery and exploration model which translates into positive, powerful interaction individually, in pairs, and in small groups. We build accountability, trust and respect throughout the time together, so participants remain engaged long after the learning experience.


How much advance notice do you need to address our needs?

Each engagement is unique because your organization is unique. You will be investing time and money and so will we. While we can put together a “feel good” program practically overnight, we prefer to over-deliver with a meaningful learning experience. Please click here to calendar an appointment or contact us directly at _____________ to speak with an expert to address your timeline and needs.


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