click source site Melinda Stallings, M.A., SHRM-SCP, SPHR. has practiced and guided individuals in the art of Positive Conflict Resolution for over 20 years. She received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and her Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and the integration of the two disciplines has enabled her to consult, advise, and advance relationships and group dynamics in some of the most prominent organizations in the world. From Fortune 500 companies to startup ventures, her goal has one central theme—to enable greatness in individuals, which will inherently enable the greatness in their organizations.

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Take a bold, positive move. Join these industry giants who have trusted Melinda to make a positive difference.

source Ms. Stallings’ enthusiasm for knowledge enhancement and the people that she interacts with is truly infectious. A bold integration of knowledge, practicality and humor – she is an enabler!

Human Resources VP

see Melinda was great! I can still hear her asking me, “why is that hard for you?” when I have a tough decision to make.

University Department Chair I wish I had known more about “color energies” and behavioral and emotional traits twenty years ago when I was just a young pup starting out. The information gained through this aspect of the program alone is an invaluable tool easily utilized at all levels of leadership and collaboration. Easy to remember and assimilate, it becomes an entire organizational communication tool.

Wellness Education Coordinator

I feel very fortunate that I had the opportunity to be a part of this program. This has been a pivotal point of growth for me. The mentoring of Melinda along with the curriculum provided support, knowledge and the tools to guide me through the transition successfully and eager for the challenges that lie ahead. The leadership knowledge and skills that were polished, enhanced, and now incorporated into my daily work environment are priceless. They will benefit me now and throughout my career.

Assistant Director, Global Programs

What has impressed me about Ms. Stallings professional development and personal growth seminars is her sensitivity to the needs of the group with whom she is working. She gauges needs and understandings and provides on-the-spot adjustments to training sessions to ensure and elicit a safe and open environment where all can participate and interact. Especially in work-related seminars where individuals may feel vulnerable in letting down their guard, Ms. Stallings is sensitive to the potential vulnerabilities and group dynamics and makes adjustments to meet the needs of her audience.

Jayne F

The value Melinda brought to our organization, which continues to persist today, can be classified as an “energy”. The content of her management training was excellent, but the true metric of success lies more in her delivery. As someone who attends many seminars and training sessions, the delivery of the presenter can make or break the outcome. The message may be a great one, but if presented in a mundane and monotonous way, it is not well received. Melinda is a fun and energetic presenter who leaves the listener wanting more. She had our participants laughing at themselves, and sometimes at each other, which provided an added bonus of fellowship among people who ordinarily just work together day after day.

Director of IT